White, Braun, etc. A hired show or a story of one fiction.

- Mr. Vyacheslav, this is Elena. It seems that we have a contract for several projects. We need to create a website, an advertising cartoon and agree with bloggers on YouTube to promote the product.

- Wow! This is very handy. Long time we did not have good orders. And, what about the money?

- Oh, Mr. Vyacheslav, the money is very interesting. They pay a lot of money for this. Excessively huge, but there is one nuance. Everything should be strictly confidential.

- Interesting. Very interesting. Rather tell me, what kind of project is it? What kind of people?

- This is something new. They call themselves - Ziber “First Blockchain Mobile Operator”. Asked to do everything in a short time, in two months they plan to do ICO.

- Are they foreigners?

- Russian. They hired people in England to create a trusted image of their organization among the European and Asian markets. They assure that the intentions are serious. I do not doubt, with such a huge budget …

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